Do you want a marketing partner with more skin in the game?


Your fees are tied directly to the performance of your campaign

Are you ready to scale?

Our performance based model means that what we earn every month is directly tied to the performance of your campaign, this means you can rest assured that:

Why Us?

We're not going to pitch you something unless we're 100% confident we can actually deliver on the result - otherwise we lose money

We're far more incentivised than other agencies to go beyond 'average' results.


You are capable and willing to grow quickly

You are either already the best option for a specific audience, or you're open to working with us via a market research campaign on your positioning and offering to help you become that #1 option. We don't run this model promoting offers that are the same as the rest of the competition

How does this work?

Incentivised Monthly Campaign:

Revenue Share Campaign:

Client pays click costs

Our management fee scales up or down depending on performance

We pay click costs

We earn a % of total online revenue

Single channel campaigns

We handle all online marketing channels & strategy

We have 2 ways to work with us detailed below:

With both models, if you don't make any sales in that month you don't pay.

Enquire to learn more:

Commonly asked questions:

Are there any upfront costs?

There are no upfront costs for the digital marketing component, however, to qualify for a pay-per-performance campaign additional costs may be required to be spent on areas critical to delivering an ROI;

•CRM or Lead Management system set-up if there is not one.

•Effective e-commerce tracking if tracking isn't accurate

•A USP/positioning workshop if there is no clear niche/offer for your product/service

•Changes to a website or creating a landing page if the unique selling points of your offer are not clearly explained on your website.

Why are you doing this, wouldn't you lose money?

The 'why' for this model is built from an owner and a veteran team who love digital marketing but hate digital marketing agencies.

A typical 'fast-growth' digital agency has high client turnover and high employee turnover, this results in these agencies having to focus on 'putting out fires' and letting down good clients. Adding 2 new clients for every 1 they lose.

We don't want to work like that. Our goal is to have less clients that we are closer with, that we can earn more from if their campaigns are successful.

We do not want a 50-100 person team and 1,000-2,000 clients. We are a small, talented, experienced team who have (and retain) a small number of successful clients who provide additional revenue to us in return for financial success.


What % do you ask for in a revenue share?

In a revenue share arrangement, the % that you decide to share with us will depend on your margins and your growth plans. The quicker you want to scale, the higher the % you would invest in marketing without eating into your margins too much.

On our side it will depend on the return on ad spend (ROAS) we can get.

Somewhere in the middle is a win/win. We have one client giving 1% of a million dollar product, we have another eCommerce client giving us 60%, and others in between.

What industries do you work with?

The majority of our team have been working in agencies for over 10 years each, this means there are very few industries we haven't been exposed to. We will only pitch to businesses in industries we have won in previously or can effectively put ourselves in the shoes of the buyer. You have to be providing a good to the world and improving an industry. We love eCommerce and high-value services/consultants. We don't work with Gambling.